Darkness creeps



Shadow’s fingers


Towards you

Still you sleep



Unaware of

Nightmares approaching

Soon your dreams

Turn grey and empty

You’re doomed to wander

Lost and hurting.

In your head until you wake and

with a scream, fall out of bed and

think you see, just for a second

a face that’s mean and scars and blood

but then the light

floods in your bedroom

chasing shadows

out the window

you are safe

at least

for now

you shouldn’t

sleep though

just in case…


Big Chief Mumma Nanna

Today I saw a piece of my writing in print for the first time.

I always thought it would be a happy occasion and something I would celebrate. Instead, today has been emotional and exhausting.

Today, we laid my nan to rest.

My first ever printed piece of writing was a poem, which I read today at the funeral.

Since it is still the first time ever that I have seen my name in print next to a piece of my writing, I wanted to share it with you.


Tough Love

If love is written on your face, it’s hidden by the bruise
How can you love someone who does belittle and abuse?
I watch helpless to stop him as he suffocates your spark
Then turn away anguished as you embrace the crushing dark

It might feel like betrayal as I slowly walk away
I can’t allow my spark to dim, you’ll need it’s light some day
I know that you will find the strength to re – ignite your spark
Please know that when that hard day comes I’ll help you burn the dark.

Our Crazy World

The distant echo of following feet,

Teased and tormented my ears.

I didn’t know that tonight was the night

To have listened to my mother’s fears.


He stopped my cries with a rough angry hand

My heart with a plunge of the knife.

I’m not the first girl he’s sent to the grave

For looking just like his ex wife.


Wounds in my flesh matched the wounds in the hearts

of the loved ones that I left behind.

Sometimes the darkness of our crazy world

Can ruin far more than the mind.

She Sits Alone

Girl Alone

Picture found here


She sits alone

Tear tracks stain her cheeks

Her eyes stare without seeing

Her heart aches with loss

She sits alone.



She sits alone

Memories make her cry

But it hurts less than forgetting

The world walks on by

She sits alone.



She sits alone

Her life is not over

Her dad would want her to smile

She wipes away tears

She sits alone.


My Blog Is Alive – Poem

My blog is alive and it’s feeling neglected.

Mailed me asking “Where’s that post I expected?

I know that you worry your writing is weak,

but it’s not like you’re writing in ancient Greek.

It’s Friday already so get a move on,

before you know it the whole week will have gone.

You want to be perfect but in this case

I really think you ought to pick up the pace.

I’m waiting to see just what you’ll come up with.

This is the life that you so wanted to live?

There’s no point whining or throwing a strop;

that’s not going to help you get to the top.

Stop watching Netflix or reading a book,

don’t avoid me by offering to cook.

Get something written and post it now,

or you and I will get in a row.

Visit today, do not be late

think of me as a very hot date.

I know you can do it, you’ll see through the fog,

I have every faith. Sincerely, your Blog.