Month: October 2016

Published – The Time Has Come.

The Phoenix Quill Anthology titled Monsters was published yesterday.

That’s right you lovely bunch of followers, I am no longer an aspiring or trainee author, but a full blown published author.

You can find it on here or here

My story – Changeling – is one of many fabulous stories exploring the question: What is a monster?

The first thoughts I had around the subject involved obvious monsters like Godzilla, The Loch Ness Monster and the Abominable Snowman, but what if monsters walked among us with ordinary faces? What if its what’s inside that makes a monster, not how they appear?

What if it’s not a living creature but an organism that invades your body and destroys you from within?

What if it doesn’t have any physical substance at all but is just that voice of self doubt in your head telling you that you will never be good enough, or a mental illness that seizes you in it’s grip and just won’t let go?

These are the themes that are explored in the short stories for the Monsters anthology but what I want to know is:

What does ‘monster’ mean to you?

Lets start a discussion in the comments.



Why. So. Serious?

Here are some wise words from the mind of a mad man.


Are you a writer? Fiction? Poetry? Blogs? Music/Lyrics?

Do you suffer from ‘Writer’s Block?’

Yes. Definitely. I hate it.

Why? Why do you hate it? Is it because you feel you should be writing because you’re a writer?

Well of course.

But aren’t you also a person? With family maybe? A job? Ever get ill?

Well of course.

So what’s the problem? No one can write ALL the time.

I know that. But I’m a writer. It defines me.

Is an Astronaut not an Astronaut when he/she isn’t in space?

Of course not.

Is a fireman not a fireman when he/she isn’t rescuing someone?

Of course not.

So are you not still a writer when you’re not writing?

Hmmm. I see your point.

Good. 😀

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