Naomi Harvey

Monsters Anthology Update

As I posted a short while ago, I am being published in an anthology this year. It’s called Monsters and the front cover is going to look like this:


I signed the contract today; it’s all 100% completely official and feeling scarily real. I’m being published! Arrggghh!!!

The anthology is scheduled for release on October 25th, right in time for Halloween. Put reminders in your calendars, people!


Talking About Myself

One of my new year’s resolutions was to share more personal stuff about me. So far I haven’t exactly stuck to that resolution. To make amends, this post is going to be full of random facts about me.

Firstly, I am sure you have all seen the poem that I wrote for my nan’s funeral. It was the first ever time that I had seen my name in print and it tasted bittersweet, to say the least. The reaction I received from my family and friends, however, has been amazing. I have never felt so validated as a writer as I do now. My mum has been very reserved about the whole writing thing. She worries that I will put my heart and soul into writing (as you do) and get very little in return. I am prepared for that. The world of writing is a tough place and I don’t write to try and make loads of money and be super famous. In the words of Sam Smith:

“I don’t have money on my mind, money on my mind. I do it for the, do it for the love.”

Sam Smith is talking about making music, but it works for me. My mum has been doing that thing she does where she keeps her worries to herself so I can make my own mistakes like a grown-up, but last week she did this tiny little thing that has a significant meaning for me. She bought me a notebook. I know she still worries about me putting my energy into something that won’t make me lots of money so i can be comfortably well off, but she has chosen to show that she supports me because, dare I say it, i’m actually quite good at it. A friend of my aunt was at my nan’s funeral and she spoke to my aunt about me because of the poem I wrote and read. She writes the pantos for their local community acting group and inquired about whether I would be interested in helping her write panto scripts. As I don’t live locally to her, she didn’t approach me directly, but I am going to approach her instead and see if she would be willing to collaborate via correspondence. Exciting times!

Secondly, an awesome online friend of mine has opened up an etsy shop to sell her fabulous knitting creations and I have offered to write some content for her site. Aren’t I nice? I’m hoping to make a career move within the company I work for to do something similar for our website so this will be a fantastic experience to get involved in. I will be writing product descriptions, along with page blurbs and some more policy related stuff. (Research here I come!)

Thirdly, I have permission to talk about the self described “amazing and wonderful new man in [my] life”. I will try very hard not to get all doe-eyed and soppy but……he reads!! He reads horror!! In the last week, Brett has bought hardback compilations of HP Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe. Where has this man been all my life? (“Making mistakes” was his response to that question.) One of the great things about him is that he read some of my flash fiction stories and gave me some really good constructive feedback on them. I have a lot of beta readers who are also writers so its definitely useful to have a beta reader who can focus purely on the story and how they feel about it. Today is 3 weeks exactly since we went on our first date. He has already bought my birthday present even though my birthday isn’t until March 25th. He bought 2 tickets to see Woman in Black at the theatre on the day of my birthday. I can’t wait!! He has also ensure his acceptance with my mum by buying her a huge box of chocs for her birthday. I’m looking forward to unleashing my friends on him to see how well he copes.

Thats enough about me for now. Feel free to comment below about anything I have said here and to ask me questions that I can answer in future Talking About Myself posts.