Big Chief Mumma Nanna

Today I saw a piece of my writing in print for the first time.

I always thought it would be a happy occasion and something I would celebrate. Instead, today has been emotional and exhausting.

Today, we laid my nan to rest.

My first ever printed piece of writing was a poem, which I read today at the funeral.

Since it is still the first time ever that I have seen my name in print next to a piece of my writing, I wanted to share it with you.




  1. Beautiful poem but bittersweet for you, I’m sure. I know the feeling well. When I was 18, a friend of mine died in a car wreck. I wrote a poem that night and shared it with his mother, hoping that it would somewhat ease her pain to know how much he was loved. She asked me to read the poem at his funeral. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. He was such a bright star, a pillar of our community even at such a young age. To this day (17 years later) a cross with flowers is constantly up at the sight of his accident.

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    1. Reading it was by far the hardest part. I loved writing it. I got as many family members as i could into a group conversation on facebook and asked them to share memories of my Nan. I then took those memories and put them into my poem so that at least part of it would resonate with as many family members as possible.

      Whilst i never expected the first time to see my name in print to be a sad occasion, i love the fact that i could honour my Nan by making my first printed piece all about her.

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