Illusion – Flash Fiction


Professor Inlusio hesitated outside the door of her classroom, preparing herself for the lesson to come. While they were still young compared to a lot of other children in the school, the students in her next class were the most intelligent and resourceful in the whole school. She would be foolish to underestimate what they had planned for her the second she opened that door. Their tricks were getting more inventive each week. The other professors thought she was crazy and would have put a stop to it a long time ago. They were always warning her that some day something would go wrong and one of the children, or her herself, would be hurt. But that was life, sometimes people got hurt. When teaching combative and survival skills, you can’t gloss over the risk. It wouldn’t prepare them for was they could potentially face out in the world.


Taking a deep breath, She pushed up her sleeves, gripped the door handle, and pushed open the door.


Chaos erupted as the students yelled and jeered and stamped their feet. I bucket of ice water tipped over above the professor’s head as she pushed the door open. Paper planes zoomed round the room, darting in and out of the students and diving towards Professor Inlusio before breaking away at the last second. A piece of chalk hovered in the air in front of the blackboard writing “Prof Inlusio is a…” and, worst of all, a burning fireball flew straight for her head.


The attack was over in seconds. With a smile, Professor Inlusio removed the Illusion spell on the fireball with a flick of her right hand, turning it back into a ball of crepe paper. Her left hand evaporated the water above her head and a few muttered words dropped the paper planes and piece of chalk to the floor. The students gave a collective groan of disappointment then fell silent, waiting for a reaction from their teacher. Professor Inlusio cleared the blackboard then turned to watch the disappointed students settled at their desks.


“So! A fireball illusion today. I don’t recall teaching you that; you had help. Kai, I suppose that was your brother Blaize’s influence? Fire is your families dominant element isn’t it?” A boy with messy auburn hair in the back row smirked in acknowledgement and and nodded. Professor Inlusio smiled.


“Tell him I said nice try, but he still can’t get fire past me. The secondary distractions were new too. Distraction is a good way of confusing your combatant, should you find you need to defend yourself. It was a good effort and cleverly done. Now, since you decided to use a new element, Lets take a look at fire illusions and their uses. Please open your books to page 571.”