Birthdays, Anniversaries, Boyfriends and Cycling Races

It was my nephew’s birthday party at the weekend and a rare moment when my extended family were all in the same place. The birthday cake was made by my bestfriend over at Lilibet Bakes. We like to give her a theme and then leave her to do whatever she wants. She never disappoints. Here is her effort this year, based on the theme of ‘monsters’. I have to say, this cake is epic.


I took my shiny new boyfriend to the party to meet my family, put the poor guy right in the middle of them and let them loose.

I am so mean.

It’s okay though, he came out unscathed and has earned himself the label of ‘brave’ from my aunt for handling the chaos so capably. She also text me later that night telling me he’s a keeper.

The second best part of this weekend was when my younger brother approached me to help write/edit his cycle racing team’s new blog. I am so getting on that! Added to the two etsy shops I am writing content for, I feel like I am finally taking the first step on the path of writing as a career. All I need to do now is move forward to actually getting paid for my work!

On another note, I had a notification from WordPress that my blog has been up and running for a whole year! Oh, how my life has changed.

Happy Anniversary to me! Here’s to even more changes in the next 12 months.



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