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This post is an apology for abandoning you all. Things got a little emtional here in Naomi-land and its taken me a little time to sort everything out in my head.

Two weeks ago my uncle went into surgery for a triple heart bypass. My family and I have been stressing just a teeny bit about it all. He is my dad’s only sibling and for me he is the best link I have left to my dad, who passed away 10 years ago. He is also the person I want to give me away should I ever find someone crazy/stupid enough to marry me. We were all pretty scared we were going to lose him too. Fortunately the surgery went well and he was up and talking on the phone the next morning. (The hospital had tried to keep him sedated and sleeping for 24 hours but he was having none of that.) He is recovering quickly and looks much healthier. His skin looked grey for much of this year but now he is a much healthier colour. Massive sigh of relief from all of us.

Unfortunately our high was short lived. A week later we heard the news that my great auntie (My nan’s sister) had passed away. I don’t really know how to describe Auntie Betty to you and do her justice. The first time I remember meeting her I was very young and I can remember being pretty scared of her. I quickly realised that her stern manner wasn’t real and was just her teasing us. In reality she was friendly, fun, cheeky, sassy and boisterous. All the things I most like about myself. The women on my mother’s side of the family are all the same way and I only realised after hearing the news of her passing that we were all influenced by Auntie Betty and that I have her to thank for giving me all her awesome personality traits, passed through my nan, my aunties and my mum as well as directly from having the pleasure to have known her.

Graham Greene

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I always thought I used my writing to escape the (sometimes harsh) realities of my daily life and live in a little fantasy world where I was safe from painful emotions. The last few weeks have taught me that in actual fact, my writing helps me to feel and process the stresses, joys and tragedies of my daily life in a way I have never allowed myself to feel before. Knowing I have writing as an outlet for my thoughts, feelings and emotions makes me feel more confident in facing them head on. I make myself focus on how it feels, remember and write down the physical and mental effects these situations have. After all, writing is all about connecting with the reader on an emotional level. The best way to do that is not to hide from your own feelings and emotions, but to embrace them and get to know them intimately. Only then can you share them with the world in a way that connects with the reader.

Fictional Rage

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