TTT – Drawing Inspiration from Photography

I have invaded Chris Musgrave’s blog today. Check it out and write me a story!

Chris Musgrave - Writer in Training

Today’s Top Tip is brought to you by none other than Naomi Harvey over at So, I want to be an author. Naomi has only been writing for a short time but has found the type of inspiration that makes me green with envy. She has a knack for seeing the story in photographs and so I asked her to tell us how she does it.


I decided I needed a holiday so I’ve popped over here to see what it’s like. While I am here, I thought I would write a little something about:

Inspirational Photographs

Writers find inspiration all around them. It’s everywhere: in the fluttering of butterfly wings, the chatter of children in the park, the revving of a motorcycle in the distance, in the sunrise and the sunset, in the gossip overheard when sat in a coffee shop, or in a painting either in…

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