Who’s The Dog?

I watched him wolfing down his dinner out of a dirty bowl and made a low grumbling noise in the back of my throat in disgust. His coat was dirty and matted with mud and god knows what from all the time he spends outside. He finished eating and, repulsing me even further, licked the bowl clean. The floor was filthy where he’d walked in mud from the garden without a care in the world, sniffing and grunting in that irritating way of his. I couldn’t stand to look at him any more so I went and flopped down on the sofa.

I thought back to life before Bianca brought him home. Everything seemed much brighter. We were happy with each other for company and didn’t need anyone or anything else to make us happy. I often wonder what on earth possessed her to bring him home. We didn’t need him cluttering up the place and making everything dirty. She claimed she loved the filthy creature but he always ignored her when she called to him, and he’d growl at her when he was in a bad mood. He was in a bad mood all the time as far as I could tell. He’s hurt her before too. I’ve seen the welts on her arms. Once she had a couple on her face. I wanted to tear his throat out when I saw marks on her. It was his fault Bianca never smiled any more. She would always fret about leaving things out because he’d spitefully break them. I have lost count of the times I’ve wished he wouldn’t come back when Bianca found him gone and the front door left wide open. He always seemed to find his way back when he was hungry, more’s the pity.

He wandered into the room and I glared at him. I’d had about enough of this and I was no longer going to keep my opinions to myself. He came over to the sofa and I thought fiercely at him “Keep the hell away from me you filthy waste of space.” He stopped dead and looked at me, hesitating. He took a tentative step towards me and low growl escaped my throat as I thought “I’m warning you, keep away from me or i’ll tear your throat out.” He shook his head and said to himself “I need to stop smoking crazy shit, i’m imagining I can hear the dog talking to me.” I thought “You aren’t imagining this. I’m sick of you kicking out at me, breaking Biana’s things, and leaving marks on her when you get angry. Get out. Get out now and don’t come back or I will make your life a living hell. Bianca was happier before she met you. So was I. Leave now and never come back or so help me, i’ll kill you in your sleep.” He gave a girlie scream as he ran away. I chased him, of course. I couldn’t help myself.



  1. This was a great piece of flash fiction and what a way to pull out a zinger at the end of it! You had me thinking that it was the boyfriend talking right until the end when we find out that we’re seeing things through the dogs eyes instead.

    Great work! 🙂


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