Homonyms Explained

Homonyms Explained

For a long time i had wondered how we managed to have words in the english language which are spelled exactly the same, but have different meanings. Were we just deliberately trying to make life difficult for ourselves? Recently I decided to google it and found the website i have linked above.

Thank You Internet!

The explanation given on this helpful website as to why these words exist in the first place, is that English is an invaded language. The Romans, and vikings etc have all influenced the english language in different ways. Slang will often do the same. Old words are given new meanings on websites such as The Urban Dictionary. Sometimes these new meanings and slang terms become so popular that they make it into the dictionary and are made ‘official’.

This website lists the double meanings of around 150 words. It makes for an interesting read. Go take a look!

There are a few not currently included on the website, like ‘live’ and ‘does’. “To live your days live on TV must be awful.” “Does a stag get his pick of the does?”

Can you think of any others?



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  1. English is a wonderful beast and this is especially revealed when you begin to look into foreign languages. The sheer volume of words our language comprises of is unprecedented compared with many of the world’s other languages.

    I often feel sorry for those trying to learn it.

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