Creative Writing Course? Don’t mind if I Do!

I have always been a total bookworm and I would read anything I could get my hands on as a child. Fortunately my rather large family is full of readers so there were always plenty of books in the house. I was bullied as a child which led me to escape even more into the world of The Chalet School where girls from all over the world went to school together. I was also a huge fan of the Famous Five and the Secret Seven. I would go to the library and just sit and read something off the shelf there, or take books out and read them on my bed. English Literature was a favourite at school and my highest GCSEs were English Literature and History. I also loved to sing and so for some reason the thought of writing as a career never entered my head. It was singing or office work. I decided not to follow music as a career and took all the sensible subjects like business studies instead. I went on to college and studied for an NVQ in Business Administration. It was very sensible a subject and I had little difficulty joining the employed soon after. My first Job was as an Office Assistant for a Personnel Department. In the meantime I was writing silly little stories for my friends and continued reading as much and as often as I could. Every now and then I would start to write a story I had in my head but I didn’t know the techniques to plan out a plot and create believable three dimensional characters. One day my brother asked me if I had the amazon local app on my phone. He’d seen some online courses on there and thought I might be interested. I found a creative writing course and my imagination was immediately caught. It took me less than half an hour it decide to take the course and here I am! I have only completed module 1 so far. I aim to share my thoughts and experiences along the way as I learn more and more.



    1. It’s The Fairford Centre. My brother saw it on Amazon Local and told me about it. I keep thinking of ideas of stories to write but I don’t have the techniques to put them down on paper. I have only completed module 1, but I found it useful and really interesting


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